Tuesday, January 19, 2010

steps to acne treatment

Achieving an acne free face isn't as difficult as some people make it out to be. Sure, you need to have a systematic regime of face cleaning in place, but at the end of the day if you just apply a little effort and consistency to your face cleaning duties, you'll have an acne free face in almost no time at all.

Before we go into more specific strategies and face cleaning products that you can use, let's go into a bit of history about acne facial treatment. Did you know that bath soap, of all things, was the predominant, perhaps even the only, form of acne treatment as recently as half a century or so a ago? Since this time there has obviously been a wide market for skin care and acne treatment products, hence why the industry has reached the level it's at today.

If you're contemplating purchasing some form of acne treatment products, then you should be mindful of the following things:

Is the Cleanser Water Soluble?

Check to make sure that the cleanser is water soluble. Non water soluble cleansers can have a variety of problems including leaving excess residual on your face. Check on the packaging of the product to make sure that it's water soluble.

Avoid Perfumes or Scented Cleansers

Perfumed and scented cleansers provide a nice smell, but they don't offer you any real benefit, in fact they may offer you nothing more than a negative things as opposed to non perfumed cleansers. Perfumed cleansers may contain additional chemicals or products that your face doesn't need. Ensure your cleaners are scent and perfume free.

Are the cleansers soap free?

Whilst soap used to be the predominant form of acne treatment, it's not required so much today in order to ensure an acne free face. The reason being is that soap will dry your skin, and there are other, less harsher skin care products out there that you should use instead of soap that can treat your skin just as well, without drying it out.

So whilst there may be a fair bit to look out for when it comes to getting your next acne treatment product, always keep in mind the above three points to ensure that you purchase a product that will help you treat your acne in the best possible manner. If you follow the guidelines as set out about, then you should be well on your way to obtaining an acne free face. Remember to wash daily, cleanse your face, and apply the right skin care creams each night.
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