Monday, March 16, 2009

Better way for Acne Free Face

Acne is the skin condition common in adolescence caused by overactive and inflamed sebaceous glands, commonly found on the face, back and chest. When these glands become accumulated with oil and dirt they produce both blackheads and whiteheads.

How Can I beat it?

Acne isn't the easiest thing to conquer. Trying to cover it with make-up only makes the glands more clogged with dirt and often makes the problem worse. Follow the advice below for a period of six months, if there still is a problem, consult your physician, he will probably prescribe an antibiotic cream and a course of tablets.

1. Wash your face every day and night with a mild, un-perfumed soap. Rinse off immediately with cold water and pat dry. Do not scrub your face this will only irritate your spots.

2. Try asking your local pharmacist for a spot cream. He/She will advise you which cream to buy according to the area and intensity of your skin.

3. Let your skin breathe. At least once a week, do not wear any make-up.

4. Exercise is important. Go for a brisk walk every couple of days. Be sure to tie your hear back off your face when doing strenuous exercise, the excess sweat and moisture on your skin will only aggravate your spots even more.

5. Don't pick, squeeze or touch your spots, even with clean hands. We cannot see the millions of germs and dirt on our fingers; all you are doing is transferring them to your face, making them look and feel even worse.
6. Avoid the temptation to cover up your acne with heavy make-up. Look for something lighter to use on your face if you insist on wearing foundation/powder. Make sure that you wash off the make-up before you go to bed.

7. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a must. Not only do they make your skin look radiant if eaten substantial amounts over time, but the help your immune system out too.

8. Include vitamins A, C and Zinc in your diet, either by foods or tablet form. All have been proven to benefit your skin.

9. Try a tea tree pure essential oil. Dab a little on a cotton wool puff and dot over the infected area.

Now what?

Stick at it! You will not see results overnight, you need to combine all of the above tips and persevere!

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